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White Rhino kush


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THC 95% cbd 95%

Medical Uses

Lack of Appetite

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Buy weed online. Buy White Rhino kush Online | buy marijuana online | buy weed online | buy medical marijuana online | buy cannabis online. White Rhino is a hybrid of White Widow and an unknown North American indica strain, creating a bushy and stout plant. The buds give off a strong and heady high. The plant’s parentage hails from Afghanistan, Brazil, and India. White Rhino is one of the best types of marijuana for medicinal use since it has such a high THC content

White Rhino is an Indica dominant strain that has won many second place awards but is known to be a first rate strain for producing massive yields. Named for the look of the top part of the plant that resembles the horn of a rhinoceros, this strain provides a strong Indica high. New users are cautioned to try this strain a few hits at a time as it can take a few moments for the full effect of the high to take effect. Once it does, the strain fills users with a euphoria that lifts moods and numbs the body. The bodily effects causes many users to feel lazy and tired.  Accompanying the beneficial effects might be these side-effects, dry eyes and mouth, paranoia, headaches and anxiety.Buy White Rhino Online here

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The terpene profile of white rhino smells like a tire with a lemon rind stuck to it ran over a skunk, poured gasoline all over it, and then set it on fire. On the first whiff, the white rhino smells like straight lemon zest (limonene). The second sniff adds in the funky, vociferous skunk odor. When you break her open to pack a bowl, the distinct petrol smell that can only be attributed to the Sour Diesel within her genetic profile becomes more apparent.Buy White Rhino Online


Nagative effects
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes
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