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Prime vape pen

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THC 90% CBD 94% PURE

MüV Prime Vape Pen has it’s parent strain Tangerine Kush, very potent and solvent free.

Additional information

Inhaling marijuana oil through a vaporizer is a preferred delivery method for patients seeking immediate relief.

We do not bring in any outside ingredients, like synthetic terpenes, for the creation of our extract. Our terpenes are 100% cannabis-derived and extracted in house. And, our cartridges and batteries use the latest technology to ensure optimal delivery of thick oils and distillates.

How to Use Our Cartridge and Pen

  • Simply screw the cartridge into the battery until tightly fastened.
  • Press button five times to turn on/off.
  • Press button three times to cycle through temperature settings:
    • LOW: White | MEDIUM: Blue | HIGH: Red
  • Press button two times to activate pre-heat function, which will run for eight seconds to warm the oil.
  • Press button one time to cancel pre-heat.
  • Press and hold button to vape inhale.

WARNING: Only charge with micro USB cord connected to 1Amp wall charging port. DO NOT use ‘fast charge’ 2.1 Amp wall ports.


Proper Handling of Cartridge

  • Because added stress can cause cracks in the glass, take caution not to drop or bump the cartridge.
  • Avoid extreme changes in temperature (hot or cold) or pressure in a short span of time.

WARNING: Glass cartridges are fragile and should always be handled delicately.




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